Sape system update: dashboard of link profiles

We work every day to make our services better, more convenient and easier-to-use. We improve the technologies and the quality of services provided. This year we have started a comprehensive system upgrade to make it more comfortable to you. We are going to tell you about each new module in our newsletter. Today we are glad to present you the first upgrade - the dashboard of link profiles of your project.

In February we surveyed our users and found out that many of them use only some types of links. They do not even know about the variety of formats, which Sape has. At the same time a various link profile is more natural and as a result such a profile affects site ranking positively and reduces the probability of sanctions.

For example, some users do not use such a type as context links (this is analogous to outreach, the method when the link is placed into a page content. It is a positive feature for search engines). Other users do not buy permanent links, although it is the most natural format of links. Experienced optimizers allocate 20-40 % of the budget for the purchase of permanent links.

Now in one window you can:

1. Check what types of links are used in your project, their quantity and the budget for them.
2. Learn about other types of links, which are presented in the system (they are all the types of links which are available on the market). We have described in detail all the types with their benefits, cost and purchase terms.
3. Go to the page with the interested format and buy such links.

In the survey 90% of experts have confirmed using different types of links in their projects. In description of each type of links we recommend a desired amount of links. These recommendations are based on the analysis of the averaged link profile of the most successful projects in Sape base.

Use all capabilities of the system and promote your site with us!


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