A long-awaited function – automatic check of the rented links indexing

Today we are going to skip the usual introductory part about how "Sape has become even more convenient, fast and all that." Let's move on to the essence of the update.

What is new?

Now you can automatically check the indexing of the rented links purchased via auto mode (type A) in the Links.Sape account.

How does it work?

  1. You have purchased links in auto mode.
  2. All links with a posting period of more than 60 days are checked for indexing every day.
  3. If the link hasn’t been indexed or has been removed from the index, the system will replace it with a similar one in accordance with the pre-configured filters in the auto mode.

How much does it cost?

The cost for the first month is the same for all users - 49 rubles. You can test the function and decide if it is useful for you.

Then the service is paid for as a monthly subscription, the price starts from 99 rubles per month. The exact price will be shown by the Sape interface. It depends on the number of rented links purchased through the auto mode and on whether you want to check indexing in one search engine or two at once.

What are the benefits?

1. It’s convenient.

Automatic link purchase is convenient in general. Along with the automatic placement check (which is long integrated, enabled by default and free) and indexing automatic check (new function that we are talking about) it helps a SEO-specialist save a lot of time.

Naturally a person can manage this process better than a robot. For a small amount of work, manual labor is better than AI. But when it comes to managing more than 30 links per month, not super smart, but an attentive and efficient robot becomes a good assistant.

2. It’s rational

If a link has not been indexed in 2 months, most likely, it won’t be indexed at all. So it makes no sense to pay for it anymore – a miracle won’t happen. So, it is better not to wait for a miracle and to replace a link. Since it will be replaced with a link with the same parameters, it won’t affect the link building strategy.

Why is a link being replaced only in 60 days, not earlier?

Because the search engines need time to index a link. In our experience, it takes maximum 60 days, after which unindexed links won’t be indexed for sure.

If we set up a shorter period for indexing, there is a great risk that the links that would have been indexed in the near future will be replaced too soon. By doing so you will not only delay the result, but pay twice for the same waiting period for indexing of another link.

Why is this function available only for automatically purchased links?

Because this is an enhancement of the automated approach to link building. According to our assessment, this new function will be more in demand in this area. We will analyze the user experience and, perhaps, later add this function for manually rented links.

Can I trust this check?

Yes, you can. It has been tested not only by us, but also by our users. The check process is the same as in Wizard.Sape. You can be sure: if 60 days have passed and the link hasn’t been replaced, it has been indexed and is working. And vice versa: if an unindexed link has been found, the web crawler definitely did not get to it and will not get to it anymore. Everything is right.

What can be customized?

You can specify the search engine to check for indexing. There are 3 available options: Yandex, Google and both of them simultaneously. It means that in the third case the link is considered indexed only if it has been indexed by both Yandex and Google.

How often are links checked?

Once every 24 hours.

Who is not advised to use this new feature?

Those who have recently started buying links through Sape. The indexing automatic check monitors only rented links, placed 60 days ago. Thus, if you started buying links on September 1, it makes no sense to activate the subscription before November 1.

If you rented links more than 60 days ago, feel free to switch to the automatic purchase mode and use the indexing check.

What to expect from this function in the future?

We are planning to include other search engines, add a configurable verification period and check of the links purchased manually. If you are interested in getting these features first – write to us.

And what should I do with all this information?

If you have already been using automatic purchase, look at the number of links bought more than 60 days ago. Do you want to quickly check if they are working?

If you are currently purchasing links only manually, consider the option of auto-purchase. With this new feature, it can save you even more time and money.

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