Task 7: Jedi-link

So, the time has come for the task, which is evaluated in a separate nomination "Master Linkbuilder".
Get a tasty link to your project on assignment and tell me how you did it.
You can use any strategy and tactics. Unusual and unconventional ways are welcome.
The assessment will be guided by standard quality metrics. It can be a trust on any appraisal service, such as Ahrefs' DR. Traffic or leads from a link can also be a factor in link juice.
Do not get attached to any one specific indicator.
It could be a tricky submission or crowd, outreach, a Tier tiered link, a cool guest post, or whatever else you thought was cool.

Reward: 3000 points.
Add. reward: +500 points per link from the Americas
Deadline: from 2.11.2021 to 10.12.2021.
If there are several projects: it is enough to complete the task for only 1 of the projects.
Check: Send the result in the participant's profile (you need to click on the 7th rectangle in the task line)


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