Task 8: Local SEO

Peter and Ilya gave interesting talks about Local SEO. Thanks.
We have absorbed the knowledge and are now applying it in practice, otherwise we will forget everything.
We tell you what to do. The goal is to learn how to track and process information about yourself on the network.
Create a project in the service https://repometr.com/ and create 1 branch on your website.
Then link 1 source of reviews, Google, to an affiliate.
You will have to figure out how to do this on your own, but do not hesitate to ask for help.
The assignment with an asterisk for heavyweights is to link other sources, for example, 2Gis and Yandex.
There will be no additional points for this, but the experience will definitely increase.

We are sorry, but the service is not adapted into English. Please use plugins like Google translator for online translation into your language.

The service is free for 14 days and this is enough to complete the task.
For further work from us as a gift the promotional code "Battle2021" - a 10% discount on the payment of the tariff.
You can activate until: 12/31/2021

For those who have informational projects: it is permissible to complete the task on any other's site.

For verification, send a screenshot in your profile.
The result of the work should be something like this:

Reward: 3000 points.
Term: from 11.11.2021 to 21.11.2021.
If there are several projects: it is enough to complete the task for only 1 of the projects.
Check: Send a screenshot with the result in the participant's profile (you need to click on the 8th rectangle in the task line)

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