Task 11. Case. The final.

Shh, it seems the battle is coming to an end and it's time to write the second part of the case.

Earlier we mentioned - to make it easier, we split the writing of the case into 2 parts. Many have already written the first, and now is the time for the final.

It is necessary to adhere to the structure in the text.

Story structure (what should be):

1. Goals of the project and description of the project: indicate the name, website, interesting features of the area, current results and goals of the project. Attach screenshots from analytics.
2. Strategy and its implementation. Indicate the stages of achieving the goal, what you did and why. Describe in more detail how to work with links, what formats were used and why.
3. Results. Describe what results you achieved, what worked best. Attach screenshots from analytics.

In that order. There is no need to mention the battle itself in the case.
An example of a good case in structure: https://blog.sape.ru/2021/04/vzglyad-iznutri-seo-prodvizhenie-i-linkbilding-dlya-poznavatelnogo-sayta-o-yaponii/

- only your cases with projects that were in Battle 2021 are accepted.
- you can't take old cases from the past Battle or just old ones
- cases with a different structure will not be accepted.

There are no requirements for the volume of the text, write as it is more comfortable.
To receive additional bonus story can be posted on any social network.

It is permissible to write a story in Google docs and send a link for verification (do not forget to share access rights)

Reward: 5000 points.
Add. reward for publishing on the web: 500 points.
Deadline: 12.12.2021 23:59.
If there are several projects: it is enough to create only one story for one of the projects.
Verification: Send your story and / or link to the post / Google Docs in the member's profile. (you need to click on the 11th rectangle in the task line)


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