Donor site cards have released in LinksSape — choose the perfect platforms for link building

In the April Core Update, LinksSape introduced site cards for link donor sites with a full set of characteristics. This functionality will help select the perfect donors for your link-building strategy. The service allows you to select platforms based on 40+ metrics, and by opening a specific site's card, you can additionally view:

  • The dynamics of changes in key parameters (DR, DA, traffic, and others);
  • The site's description from the Publisher and a screenshot of the main page;
  • Examples of link placements.

Cards significantly simplify the selection of a suitable donor and eliminate the need to open multiple tabs with different analytics tools.

To get you started, we have compiled a selection of sites with growing parameters (MOZ DA more than 5, more than 100 visitors) for guest posts and a "Rare Find" selection with good SEO parameters (MOZ DA more than 20, more than 100 visitors) where there are still no more than 10 purchases. Placing Niche Edits on these quality and unspammed platforms will allow you to quickly rise to the top of search engines. 

How to Use Site Cards 

In the donor platform search menu, click the "i" icon to access the main information about the selected resource.

The card displays a description, the proportion of pages in the index, traffic and trust indicators, the number of inbound and outbound links, and the average placement price on the platform. Additionally, the date on which this information is current is indicated.

Reduce the time selecting suitable link platforms with the new 'Site Card' feature and focus on dynamics to improve promotion results.

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