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Hello everyone!

It's been a while. After a long wait, we would like to announce a couple of important things.

  • Firstly, we have finished translating Sape into English. Hooray! It happened. Try it out. You can switch the language in your Passport.
  • New filter! Search out English sites by using our new option – Page language. It analyzes the content on the page and identifies the dominant language. Using this filter will help you find only pages in English.
  • Due to law restrictions in Russia, we are forced to suspend PayPal payments made from corporate accounts. But, we are happy to announce that now we can issue invoices for our partners. To be able to pay invoices you will need to sign an agreement, fill it out with your bank details and send us a copy. After accepting the contracts, you will be able to pay invoices by bank/wire transfer. But don't panic! This is only for legal entities. We still accept payments made from personal PayPal accounts. Just write us if you want to top up your account.

Right now we are working hard on improving the English version of our service. If you have any suggestions, write us! We'd love to hear.

Cheerfully yours,
Sape Support team


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