Task 9: Tier 2

Has everyone already used the Sape promo code and bought links from Sape? And now it's time to strengthen the purchased links.
Take advantage of Sape's Tier 2 link strengthening functionality.

Links.Sape has traditionally helped accomplish this task.
A special gift only for battle participants in the amount of ~15$ will allow you to test link building tools.
Promocode: seobattle-tier2
Where to activate: https://passport.sape.ru/deposit/promocode/

The number of promotional codes is limited, hurry up.
Accrued bonuses will expire at the end of December if they are not spent.

Reward: 3000 points.
Term: from 18.11.2021 to 10.12.2021.
If there are several projects: it is enough to complete the task for only 1 of the projects.
Verification: Send in the participant's profile a screenshot with the running gain in the Sape account (you need to click on the 9th rectangle in the task line)


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