May, barbecue, backlinks

May holidays are closer each second, which means that it will be a good time to go outside and do a BBQ. Enjoy a tranquil time, but don’t forget to fill up the balance in advance. 

If you do not replenish your balance in time, backlink SLEEP status can negatively affect the positions and visibility of your projects.  

Replenish the balance, make sure that the money is enough until May 12 and go chilling!  And all Sape services will work normally, changes will affect only financial calculations and technical support. 

Replenishment and withdrawal of funds for legal entities:

Fund replenishment and cashless withdrawals will be carried out until April 26 inclusive. Transfer and withdrawal of funds from May 2 to May 8 will depend on the work of banks.

Fund replenishment and withdrawal for individuals:

Non-cash payments for withdrawals until April 26 inclusive will be guaranteed credited.  Payments on WMZ/WMT, UNMoney, and through SolarStaffffs can be delayed due to holidays.   Replenishment and withdrawal of funds for legal entities and individuals in the normal mode will resume from May 13.

The Technical Support Service will be working partially from 28 April to 1 May and from 9 to 12 May. 

Sape team wishes excellent weather, delicious barbecue and May without asaps!  


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