Task 4: Case. Start.

Describe the start of your journey in battle! During the battle, we will create stories.

To make copywriting easier, we divided the writing of cases into 2 periods. We will start writing the first part now, and the second, with the results, closer to the end of the battle.

It is necessary to adhere to the structure in the text.

Story structure (what should be):
- tell how long you have been in SEO, what kind of experience you have, what projects you usually work with.
- briefly describe the competitive project, what are the goals, how ambitious they are, describe the features.
- what requests need to be brought to the top (not only from the 10 that you submitted in the application). What are the current positions, planned positions
- add screenshots from analytics (current traffic from search, positions)
- through what tools do you plan to raise, what action plan for 2 months.
- in what area do you need help so that we can devote more time to this on live broadcasts with experts.

- we write in the case only about the current state of the project and its background.
- you can't take old cases from the last battle or just old ones

There are no requirements for the volume of the text, write as you feel comfortable.
To get additional bonus story can be posted on any social network. In the post, be sure to mention the battle from Sape (link or text, whichever is more convenient).

It is permissible to write a story in Google docs and send a link for verification (do not forget to share access rights)

Reward: 5000 points.
Add. reward for publishing on the web: 500 points.
Deadline: 10.12.2021.
If there are several projects: it is enough to create only one story for one of the projects.
Verification: Send your story and / or link to the post in the member's profile


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