Cashback from Sape. Increase expenditure and get bonuses

Nowadays, no marketing is comprehensive without SEO promotion. The demand for it in general and link building in particular is only growing. If you keep in step with your competitors and increase the volume of backlinks you will increase the position of the site in the search engines. Additionally we will also give you bonus funds for promotion.

Sape launches cashback: for those who increase their expenditure on links, in April we will give a cashback to the account in the service.

Increase expenditure in Links.Sape, PR.Sape, Linkum or Seowizard from March 15 to April 12* and get bonuses:

5,000 rubles -> 1,000 rubles;
10,000 rubles -> 2,000 rubles;
25,000 rubles -> 5,000 rubles;
50,000 rubles -> 12,000 rubles;
100,000 rubles -> 20,000 rubles.

To participate in the promotion, activate the promo code "sape2022-cashback" and then increase the volume of purchases using all Sape services for buying links:

For example, our real client Vladislav spent 5,000 rubles on his account from February 14 to March 14. To get another 5,000 rubles of the bonus, he needs to spend 25,000 rubles more from March 15 to April 12. When planning your budget, keep in mind that debit may be delayed in PR.Sape.

* Charges from March 15 to April 12 are taken into account in comparison with the period from February 14 to March 14 in Links.Sape, PR.Sape, Seowizard, Linkum services. We estimate expenses in Sape services with the "expenditure" column on the page. Any expenditure for links in any subsystems, including through Linkum and Seowizard from one registration mail, are taken into account.

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