Sape introduces Premium status for the most active users!

Advanced interface features, free link audits, overdraft and cashback, access to closed content, bonuses and more options for users with VIP client status.

More than 100 users have already discovered new opportunities of Sape. You can be one of them!

How to get a VIP status

Your expenditures in the system must be at least 250 thousand rubles for the latest 6 months.

Expenditures on different accounts can be taken into account if they belong to the same client (for example, one legal entity). If you transferred projects between accounts, then the expenditures history is also taken into account.

Benefits of VIP status

Additional interface options:

  • Search by URL in PR.Sape;
  • Reduced waiting time for placing an application in PR.Sape;
  • Uploading search results to Links.Sape;
  • Search for a website by domain in Links.Sape.

Free link audits
Analysis of the current link mass, competitive analysis, recommendations on the link strategy from Sape professionals.

  • If your expenditures are RUB 250,000 - 500,000 for the latest 6 months you get 3 link audits as a gift.
  • If your expenditures are RUB 500,000 - 1,000,000 for the latest 6 months you get 6 reference audits as a gift.
  • If your expenditures are over RUB 1,000,000 for the latest 6 months you get 10 link audits as a gift.

Continue working with a zero balance! If the funds are not credited to the account on time, contact the manager and continue working for 5 days.

Increase your 6 months expenditures and get cashback on your balance!

  • If your expenditures are RUB 250,000 - 500,000 = cashback RUB 25,000
  • If your expenditures are RUB 500,000 - 1,000,000 = cashback RUB 50,000
  • If your expenditures are RUB more than 1,000,000 = cashback RUB 100,000

Cashback is credited within 1 month after the end of 6 months period in the form of bonus rubles that can be spent within the system (not for withdrawal). Bonus rubles are not taken into account when calculating cashback.

Access to exclusive content
Access to closed webinars, newsletters, selections of websites, bonuses from partners and our experience base!

Personal сustomer service
Your personal account manager will answer your questions, solve your problems and make suggestions and recommendations to improve the results, hold individual demo meetings. All these options will allow you to build a more effective link building strategy.

Bring your total expenditures in the system up to RUB 250,000 for 6 months and discover new opportunities of Sape!

To learn more about the VIP status and determine further steps, sign up for an online customer service meeting by leaving a request at


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